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Changing a home screen label
Hello there.

I have recently built a HTPC and was dissatisfied with WMC overall, so decided to install XBMC (A much better proposition, I might add, LoL)

I like the PM3-HD skin a lot, but have 2 questions. I did have a look at the thred a few below this post re modifying home screen, but didnt find an answer.

I have 2 folders on my entertainment drive, one being Movies, with each movie having its own folder within which are all .avi's

The other folder on my entertainment drive is called Videos, which contains sub folders with various names, eg Aviation, Cars, Family etc. These are mostly avi's

My version of PM3-HD I have (downloaded thru XBMC) has no "Movies" choice on the home screen, so I would like to add it, or, as I dont use the "Programs" button, replace that with "Movies"

The end result, being Movies points to the "Movies" folder on the Entertainment drive and Videos (already there) points to the "Videos" on my Entertainment drive.

I also see some screenshots of folks PM3-HD setups and notice that they have 2 radio buttons at the bottom of the Home menu. Is there a later version of PM3-HD I can obtain?

Many thanks for any help!

Chris Morgan
Perth, Western Australia
Go to setting/skin settings and activate from there movies and tvshows buttons.
reFocus - Simply the best
Hi Galefury and thanks for your reply. Unfortunatley the 2 options for hide movies and TV shows is greyed out, not clickable.
In that case, you have to add some movies to library. Go to the folder with the movies, press C (contextual menu) set content, choose movies and let the XBMC retrieve infos about the movies. Then the Movies button will be available. Good luck.
reFocus - Simply the best
Thanks for your help Galefury. I will try your suggestion when I get back to my desktop!

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