How many people have problems with frame drop with live and ION
In this thread, I would like to collect any information regarding this problem.

Tests, events resulting problem, configuration, etc.

I solved this problem by installing openelec, but I'd like go back to live.
I seem to have resolved most of my issues by using the latest git build, and 195 drivers that come stock with live. I have issues with one or two videos but I believe those are the videos themselves. I am still doing extensive testing, but most things look positive right now. The only issue I have noticed is that straight of the get go XBMC reports 67 frames missed and 2 dropped, but those two numbers never increase.
I'm having stuttering issues with most 720p x264 and all 1080p x264 material.

Here's a video:

Each added 'miss' causes a small but very noticeable stutter.

I'm running on a 42" philips tv (42PFL8404H) at 1920x1080 and 24hz.

I've tried several revisions of xbmc, recompiled with and without support for pretty much everything relevant, tried all recent nvidia driver versions, tried several versions of libvdpau1, tried all possible xorg.conf option combinations, tried ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, and I just can't solve this issue. I've been at it for several months now.

If I reduce the resolution to 720p/60hz, the problem disappears for 720p material but is still apparent (though less) on 1080p material.

I'm running xbmc within gnome, but in fullscreen. If i run xbmc-standalone, the stuttering issues becomes less apparent, but are still noticeable on 1080p.

I'm using an Asus EEEBOX EB1501P with an Atom D525 1.8ghz dualcore, 2gb ddr3 at 800mhz, and an ION2 with 512mb dedicated vram.

I just want to be able to run properly in [email protected] with linux, preferrably ubuntu. I know the box can handle this without problems as it works just fine in Windows with DXVA. Also, if i disable vsync and fast-forward, the box can output heavy 1080p content at 60+ fps, both in windows and ubuntu.

I'm slowly losing hope that these problems will ever be solved.
Yep... I also have issues with some 1080i, 24fps material. But... not with all of it.

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I also have issues with Dharma and framedrops:
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How many people have problems with frame drop with live and ION00