How can I make preview mode work on network
I have a media center pc streaming movies from my main computer. On the main comp Back Row works great! However when I select the network icon to stream from it does not download the info or previews only shows a list of movies. How can I fix this? Thanks
This really isnt the right place to ask genderal xbmc questions. but i'll try to help,being the person i am. Ok, so you setup up your shared movie directory on your network. You DO need to scan and scrape your stuff from this 2nd system, as remembering your on different machine, which means different DB. they don't automatically share, although it might be possible as i do remember seeing a thread on this. But otherwise, just setup scraping for the network source folder, and update library, and it should show you everything correctly just like it does on th one computer. Smile
I don't have the option of selecting the network drive to scrape though.... That's the problem I guess. Any solutions? I'm running XBMC latest software
Hi Tom - First you need to add a new source, then add the network drive location to the source you've just created - then set what the source is (ie movies or TV shows), then scrape it to get all the metadata.
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How can I make preview mode work on network00