[MOD] Big-cirrus.Extended
Big-cirrus.Extended - mod skin Big-cirrus.


add news (Skin News script)
add ViewRightList: remove poster
fix ViewRightList: use poster.jpg

add view poster, banner, landscape in InfoTVShows
view banner.jpg for TV BannerWallWiew

add Random View Item (Video,Movie,TvShows,Music)
add show Statistics

add Musik Widget
fix animation Weather
mod RightListView for TV

- remove support script.genre-editor
+ autohide button for not installed script

+ support script.library.editor (add button)
+ support script.cinema.experience (add button)
+ add button for script.TvTunes
+ systeminfo widget

+ foto: add PictureWrapView
+ foto: add ThumbnailView

+weather widget
+add weather in VideoOSD and AudioOSD
+Plot visible if not empty
+animation weather
+add RSS line (now 2)

+support weather fanart
+support Weather+

Site skin.
I'm trying to get Big-cirrus.extended from the repo but it says it's broken.

Is there anyway other way to get the mod??

Thanks in advance
[Image: widget]

how do you put the Statistics on the home screen? which xml you mod? can i use it for different skin? i want to use the library statistics on cirrus extended v2
Resumed work on the skin!
Skin works correctly with XBMC Frodo

In short:
Fixed widgets Random Movie TvShows
Improved support Artwork.Downloader
Support for display of weather information, enhanced plug Weather Underground
Added support Metadata.Actors
Fixed to work with TvTunes
Added new widgets

The code can be found on the following Github:
Nice work. I tried a lot of different skins on my Raspberry Pi and finally came to this. But I don’t understand how it works exactly. I played around a little with the view settings but cannot see any changes. ;-)

@ anisan BTW do you need help for translation to german?
I just wanted to say how happy I am to see someone continuing this version of the skin! I did notice that the repositories mark it as broken (even though I was able to successfully install and use the version from the git) so I'm not sure if it's wrongly marked or if the git version is newer.
I am glad to see someone updating this skin. This is the only skin I have found that has larger enough font and interface to work on smaller TVs. My problem is when switching to Frodo something is hanging when closing XBMC. Here it eh debug log for XBMC 12.1: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=16809 and here is the one for XBMC 11.0: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=16810 . I hope what ever is the problem can be fixed. Thanks for the good work.
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