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[RELEASE] World News Live (Al Jazeera, CSPAN, CNN)
Upgrade message

This add-on shall not longer being developed by andre_pl.
Please install one of the mentioned repository below to use the latest version:


The World News Live plugin brings live streams from News sources across the globe.

Latest Version: Image [Changelog]

Attention Canadian Users
There is another plugin in the repository called Canada On Demand which contains a huge amount of Canadian content. the forum thread can be found here.

The plugin is available through its own repository. To install it, download this zip file.

Then, in XBMC, go to System -> Addons -> Install From Zip File, and choose the zip file you just downloaded. A new repository is now listed under 'Get Addons' where you can find 'World News Live' ready to install. Once it's installed the plugin will keep itself up to date, you never have to worry about it again.

Its also available on github: https://github.com/andrepl/plugin.video.world.news.live

Supported Channels
  • AlJazeera (English)
  • CNN1
  • CNN2
  • CNN3
  • CNN4
  • CSPAN1
  • CSPAN2
  • CSPAN3
  • ABC News 24 (Australia)
  • RT
  • BBC World News
  • France24
  • EuroNews

Want to Donate??
Great plugin! 1 request: http://www.euronews.net/news/streaming-live/
I'll see what I can do, I have a few more already on the todo list.
thnx. I also miss the ability to easily add my own streams through the GUI. Can you also note that as a feature request?
certainly! Cheers!
Nice add-on, dude.

and +1 for being able to add your own streams
Stupid question I think ... How is this different from the Livestream Plugin?

Personally Created Stock Footage and Animated Videos for Backgrounds or Screensavers
100+ video files can all be found on my blog: Beachfront B-Roll. All are free.
The clips are a simple "Right click, save" and there is no signup or registering required either.
1.1.0 is out now and you can add your own streams Smile

you can even import them from the same XML file that "That other Plugin" uses. Smile

@Beachfront its not much different I guess, I didn't know that one existed when I wrote this one.

I'll be adding a bunch more channels soon.
Cnn 1 doesn't work for me. I just get a black screen. Not a big deal as I just wanted Al-Jazeera. Thanks!
Nothing to see here....
CNN1 Isn't streaming anything right now. sometimes they do that. i believe CNN2 and 4 are streaming stuff now.
heres the bbc news stream http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10318089

dont know if its possible to put it in the plugin though
Done, along with a bunch of others. check it out in 1.2.1.
Just imported some streams form Live stream plugin works great it even imported thumbs....great work.
Looks like live stream plugins are the hot topic atm....kudos to the developers as nothing better with keeping up with all the world news going on atm.
zepfan Wrote:Cnn 1 doesn't work for me. I just get a black screen. Not a big deal as I just wanted Al-Jazeera. Thanks!

The CNN streams will be off and on quite abit depending on the stories they are following. Routinely after midnight EST time they all go dark and then during the day (US time) 1-4 will activate with different coverage. For big stories they go 24 hours (ie they had the Japanese NHK feed for quite afew days live to follow the Japan tragedy, but now I see they no longer have it).
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[RELEASE] World News Live (Al Jazeera, CSPAN, CNN)6
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