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[BUG] Negative unwatched episode count for TV Shows
Since I've updated from the March 19th build, I've been getting negative counts for TV Shows so that the unwatched count shows -1 unwatched episodes for example.

It appears to be disregarding if an episode was previously watched before. Using the Confluence skin, it displays Episodes Total: 9, Watched: 10, Unwatched: -1.

The way I was able to reproduce the bug was to:

1. set all episodes to unwatched. The skin will now show the total number of unwatched shows.

2. set all episodes to watched. The skin now shows 0 unwatched episodes.

3. watch an episode of the show (or skip through to the end).

4. the skin now displays -1 unwatched episodes.

Last tested on XBMCSetup-20110323-5886c7f-dx.exe which still has this behavior.

Opened a ticket here. A little off-topic but something I ran into while trying to narrow down the cause, selecting 'Mark all as watched' from the context menu of the TV Show node, does not work. Selecting it on the season node or episode node works as expected.
Can we get a confirmation or denial on this bug? This seems to be a pretty major one.
yes the bug exists.
and was fixed in
spiff Wrote:and was fixed in

Just saw that. Don't think it made it into XBMCSetup-20110325-1392683-master so I'll wait for the next build. Thanks for the update Spiff.
It seems that this bug has crept back in. I currently have a TV show with a negative watch counter. I've seen it on both the 12.0 and 12.1 official Windows builds. Any suggestions? Anything you need from me to help debug?

I tried marking the entire show as unwatched, and then as watched again, but the counter returned to -1. It's very persistent.

Edit: For anyone else running across this, if you rename the files so XBMC scans them as new, then clean out the old entries, it should go back to working correctly.
I now see this as well. When I rename the files XBMC will show "2 unwatched" when there are 3 unwatched in the folder and when they get marked at watched it shows "-1 Unwatched"

I'm currently running 12.2 on ATV2.

[BUG] Negative unwatched episode count for TV Shows00