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kyotocafe Offline
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Post: #76
It would be really nice for the skin to have the choice of using an unicode font, like arial, that way Japanese or Korean media would be correctly displayed.
Also, I would like to request if it is possible to get different fanart based on season for TV Shows Smile . Thanks!
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jp_ct Offline
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Post: #77
Would it be possible to get a commercial license for the design?
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ederson Offline
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Post: #78
after checking a lot of skins i think simplicity(svc) is the one for me Big Grin

to be honest i miss MQ3`s custom home items with subitems but i managed to edit home.xml to my like

what i really like to see and will make me 1000% satisfied is extrafanart support.

has anybody implented this
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dt2510 Offline
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Post: #79
First of all: Simplicity is one of my favourite skins !

Here's a few things i'm missing / i'd like to have:

- missing dvd icon
- missing mpeg2 icon
- missing HD audio icons (TrueHD, DTS HD)
- don't change thumbnails' aspect ratio !!! (have a lot of BD covers that look awful when stretched)
- ability to COMPLETELY turn off TV guide and recently added (will try GIT version for this)
- display media icons in "Fanart List" (Blu-ray/DVD..., aspect ratio, codecs...)

maybe there are more missing icons, but these are the ones i found so far

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