How do i make tvheadend to ignore one tuner and use another.

i decided to configure a workaround to my HTPC system.
i want to keep having the ablity to time shift the local channels and stil enjoy the power of XBMC pvr with other channels.
so i set 2 tuners, DVB-T and DVB-S2.

i want to use the DVB-T with MythTV (to be able to pause live TV)
and to use the satellite channels with XBMC (through tvheadend).

the problem: when i restart the machine, tvheadend takes over both tuners and mythtv is blocked from using one of them.

how can i make tbheadend use only the DVB-S2 and leave the DVB-T free for the mythTV use?

i am using Mythtv 0.24 on mythbuntu 10.10 64bit
and the latest PPA package of XBMC PVR and tvheadend.

thanks, Tomer.
by default, tvheadend uses all adapters. if you want to specifiy adapter, open /etc/init.d/tvheadend and change the command line arguments:

DAEMON_ARGS="-f -u hts -g video"
DAEMON_ARGS="-f -u hts -g video -a x,y,z"
replace x,y,z with the adapter numbers that you want to use (the number can be found in /dev, so /dev/video0 is adapter 0)
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i will try it at home tonight. thanks.
working, thanks!
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How do i make tvheadend to ignore one tuner and use another.00