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Tasker Integration
I've only seen 2 posts related to Tasker for android on this forum, which is somewhat disappointing, but I'd like to see some support for it. For anyone who hasn't heard about it Tasker is a really powerful app that allows you to automate actions in android based on conditions or events.

If tasker integration were to be added to xbmc remote for android, many cool things could get done.
  • Connect to a desired host based on a condition (i.e. if connected to a predetermined ssid at home or work as suggested in this post.)
  • Gesture based media control (pausing, fast forward, rewind, stop)
  • Automatically open xbmc to a specified library (Music, Movies, TV) based on time of day or other condition.
  • Automatically playing media using the Play on XBMC feature perhaps

These are of course just hypothetical if xbmc remote were to either integrate with/create a plugin for Tasker. The developer of Tasker has provided several ways integration can be done it doesn't have to be a plugin. Tasker can also use intent broadcasts, locale plugins, and Android Scripting Environment scripts. Give this a look. Smile Thanks.
I too would love this. One thing I'd like to do is to add on screen notifications for more than just calls and text messages.
It's been 10 months for 1 reply to this post I'm assuming there won't be much interest in this here.

I have, however, found a decent work around to almost achieve what I was looking for. With a combination of Tasker, Eventghost for PC, and Eventghost for android (has a Tasker plugin called Tasker for ) some pretty cool things can be achieved. Needing all these apps to almost achieve something isn't ideal but it works for now.

There was talk on the Google Groups Tasker page about better integration of Eventghost for Android and Tasker but the talk seems to have died out a couple months ago. I'm hoping the hiatus is only temporary, it could be the developers are simply too busy currently.
Yeah, having ability to control kodi by sending android intents to kore would make this remote almost perfect for me

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