Password on XBMC live?
Sorry for the newbie question here, but it's one of those specific questions where a search gives me all the wrong answers.

I've installed XBMC Live 10.1 onto a partition on an Acer Revo 3610 last night and was using the guides to complete the set up once in, bringing up the terminal to bring up the commands for sorting out the wireless etc.

Anyway when I go into it I'm greeted with

XBMC Live 10.1:

Now I tried putting the terminal command in there and it asked for the password. I tried the password I had made on start up and it didn't work.

Did some searching and suggested, auto password username on the system is xbmc for both.

I tried entering the command and then using that password, didn't work.

Tried typing xbmc on the first comand and then xbmc again as password and that didn't work.

Basically was trying every combination I could think of, BUT there was one thing that was throwing me.

Whenever I trped the password, the terminal didn't not actually type any letters. Is this normal? I would have expected letters to either type or stars or something to show.

Basically I just need to confirm

a) Should there be something showing to register that I have typed when inputting the password.

b) Do I just need to put in the command and then password, or is that first line a log in, so needs username and password, then once that is sorted it, I then type the commands?

Hopefully it makes sense above, as you can see I've never really used linux or anything that needs that kind of commands. It's obviously a ridiculously simple question, but due to that there's no real answers aboutEek
Yes, when I originally moved from Windows to Linux myself, I was puzzled by the letters not showing when typing the password. But this is normal in Linux. Even backspace works when typing the password but it will show no letter or star.

Usually if you exit XBMC (not shutdown), you will get to a screen that will ask you to login. You will need to enter your user ID (xbmc I guess) then your password (should be xbmc again). You will then only be asked for your password if you run a "sudo" command.

I can't help anyfurther if you have changed your password. I'm not using XBMC live but the full version and I know very well the admin password I have created.
Quote:You will need to enter your user ID (xbmc I guess) then your password (should be xbmc again)

You set what user and what ever password you want. and they are both case sensitive.
If you don't remember re-install and use xbmc/ xbmc
Cheers for the replies, I did post earlier, but notice it's not here.

I've managed to get it going now, must just not have been seeing the password as case sensitive. The fact the Linux didn't acknowledge the typing is what was throwing me, as thought it could be wrong password, wrong username, case sensitive or not, or even just a case of it's not recognizing me typing for some weird reason.

Anyway job done now, thanks.

Hopefully will be able to get everything I need doing from the guides now.Nod

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