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Apple tv Gen 2
Hi guys quick question can the Gen 2 play 720p mkv from external drive. My broadbabd is quite limited and streaming is very bad. Thank you

I just got an ATV2 the other day, running iOS 4.3. Started with official build, and it struggled hard with anything HD. Last night updated it to the 3/26 nightly build. It now plays 720p h.264 movies, in both avi and mkv, beautifully smoothly. Not a chance of playing HD xvid/divx though, the hardware decoding is only for h.264.

This is streaming from a WD MyBook Live NAS over ethernet. Going to try a 1080p later today to see how it handles it.
720p MKV's should work just fine. The ATV2 doesn't support external devices, in fact it doesn't do USB connectivity at all unless it's for tethering it to iTunes.
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Thank you for that, does the Gen 1 support USB harddrive?
Yes, 30 seconds of reading on any page that describes/reviews the ATV1 would reveal that.

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