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[REQUEST] HBO Go and Max Go script
I think having HBO Go and Max Go support would be a good addition to XMBC; maybe combine both into one add on.
I've made my own HBOGO script, but it is very limited.

Right now, it only lists movies. It does pull MPAA rating, plot, year, genre, and thumbnails. But it is not fully featured. It works like XBMCFlicks in that it uses firefox as an external player since the RTMP streams require RTMP type 9 handshakes, which is not supported by XBMC. Its very hacky at the moment, and requires a local html file with your login and password stored in plaintext.

Also, since HBOGO restricts to certain providers; I've only tested my method with AT&T Uverse. Whether the technique I use with AT&T Uverse works with the other providers I am not sure of, what I am sure of is that changes would be required to support the separate login pages.

HBOGO's player also doesn't support features on a remote, such as pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. fullscreen requires a mouse input since flash rightly believes that scripts can not invoke fullscreen mode.

If there is interest in this script I'll continue to flesh it out, right now there's a bunch of manual tweaks that have to be made to get it working properly.
yes please, much interest!
Sounds like your on a good thing,, keep up the good work..
+1 on interest and testing ability. I am using DirecTV.

Just in case it helps. I have HBO Go and would love to have it in xbmc.
I've released a WIP HBO GO here:

it's not ideal, and until RTMP type 9 handshakes are supported (which doesn't look promising), or XBMC gets a native web browser, it will require an external player (in this case IE or Firefox).
Is this currently being worked on?
Just as a note. Handshake 9 is now supported (though it hasn't rolled out to linux distro's yet).
sounds like a pretty cool idea.
Would love to see this finished with Linux support as well, as I'm a TiVo and HBO subscriber without the VOD option because I use only the TiVo box and a cable card.

Of course I could connect my iPhone to my TV and use the HBO GO app, but that's not nearly as convenient.

I am very very interested in this as well. I am a dish subscriber and HBO GO works great. Would work awesome under Ubuntu with CrystalHD and HD flash in xbmc! I absolutely love the Hulu addon from bluecop's repo so this would be his type of code writing for a solid addon. Let's all get together and work on adding this to his repo!

[REQUEST] HBO Go and Max Go script00