Rapier will NOT install on my PC

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mrdude42 Offline
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Sad  Rapier will NOT install on my PC
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I've been reading the forums and wiki and I still can't get the newest version of Rapier to even show up on XBMC on my pc.

I have a pc with windows 7 and I've tried installing within XBMC using the "install form zip file" option. Didn't work. When I click on it it literally does nothing. No indication of a successful or unsuccessful install. Then I restarted XBMC. Its still not there. I've tried re-downloading it. Didn't make a difference and I even tried just putting the files in the Addons folder unzipped in a folder named "Rapier.skin".

I've only been able to get the skins that I can download through XBMC's repo to work but I want to try others that aren't on there like Rapier. What the hell do I have to do to get one of these damn skins working?? :confused2:
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Hudson_Hawk04 Offline
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have you tried to install from zip?

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@mrdude42: please don't double post.
your question has already been answered here ;-)

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HansP Offline
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i just extracted the zip to addon directory in XBMC dir and it worked
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