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Photobooth interactivity with XBMC pictures
I would like to host a party where photos are taken in a second room (could be from a USB/WiFi camera, a photobooth, or whatever) and then are periodically uploaded to my XBMC's monitor (which is really a projector.)

Let me try to reword this again... I want XBMC showing music videos (like with "Music Video Jukebox) as background entertainment. In another room, a camera will be setup where friends will be getting dressed-up and their picture made. When their picture is snapped, I'd like the picture to be uploaded to XBMC (or Flickr, or Picasa, or Facebook, etc.) and appear on the screen for a predetermined about of time. Of course, when the picture appears, the music in the background shouldn't stop...

I have NOT done any research into this yet. For all I know, "there is a plug-in that works flawlessly" or "there is no way this can be done." I thought I'd ask y'all for any ideas before I begin working on the solution.

So, anybody have any ideas? Anybody know how I can implement such an interactive Photobooth type situation?


Photobooth interactivity with XBMC pictures00