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I'm having a problem as well, I've installed the skin and when i go to the shows to air and click refresh it pauses for a second and then just shows the same screen again with no data.

Is there something I have to do before, I am currently downloading banners through the settings but not sure if that's required or not.
Make sure you run the Latest Added script first via Video - Addons - TVShow Next Aired. It has to be run once manually in order to build the database.

The banners are not required, but are used throughout the tv views.
I went to update, but no update is available, assuming that I have the latest ver. no info is displaying for me either.
Be sure to go to videos > addons > Next Aired and ensure it is working there.
cgushue Wrote:I'm having a similar problem, using the SVN neon skin, and I do have Use Banners enabled. When I press the up arrow on the tv guide screen to browse through the days, it seems to be using poster.jpg, but if I hit enter on a particular day, it does display banner.jpg instead.

Image Image

I think I have this worked out finally. It is expecting your default icons/thumbs (as scraped) to be Poster and that you will have a banner.jpg file in the show folder. It does not matter what setting you have for Poster/Banner in settings. Updated in tonight's push.

Let me know if you still see issues.

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