Addons not showing anymore

Wondered if someone could help?

I haven't needed to use the addon manager for some tme, so not sure when this happened, but I noticed a few days ago that when I go into the Addon Manager and Get Addons, there aren't any addons in any of the repositories.

I updated to XBMC pre 11.0 GIT (20110405-7746886) 5th April and I am using Transparency v 3.12.2 (although I also switched to Confluence and nothing is showing there either)

I will post a debug log, if that will help, but just wondered if anyone had had a similar problem?

Many thanks

Debug log is below, if someone could help out that would be great, there seems to be quite a lot or errors to do with the addon database, but I really don't know what I'm looking at.

Any thoughts would be reatly appreciated.
your database is corrupted. delete
Awesome - many, many thanks Spiff
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