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Apple TV 2 + MLB + NBA + Location Spoofer?
I am looking to get rid of my cable/directv as I only use it for sports. If I jailbreak my apple tv 2 is it possible to install location spoofer so I can watch local teams through either MLB or NBA league pass.
You could spoof your location by using a service that supports OpenVPN, costs around $10 a month. You would also need a router that supports OpenVPN, most running DD-WRT firmware can do this.

However, your geographic location will be wherever your OpenVPN service is located. Most people don't care because they want to spoof from outside of the US and don't care about pretending to be in a specific location in the US.

There aren't really any other feasible options, either.
Been using with their PPTP service, via DD-WRT. Can confirm it works great!
Can you provide more details regarding the strongvpn solution? Do you select a city for your VPN? It's a shame that, even after collecting our money, MLB blacks out our teams - even when the game is sold out!
Thank you!
Okay, I got the vpn working but playoff baseball is blacked out for the us requiring me to choose from london via strongvpn. I find that the video quality isn'tthe best. I jailbroke my ipad2, installed location spoof and mlb at bat 2011. I am able to get an excellent picture via ipad to hdmi adaptor, seems to work much better than the vpn solution. Note that I haven't tried the VPN for initial location check and then attempted to switch over, that would solveperformamce issues if it works. Also, with the upcoming ios5 mirror feature the hdmi cable shouldn't be needed. Hope this helps everyone. Unfortunately I don't see a location spoofer coming to the atv because it does not havea gps. The only reasom this works on the ipad is that the mlb at bat app chooses to utilize the gps to determine your location.
And this has nothing to do with XBMC
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