Run script on "shutdown function timer" trigger.
I'm running a XBMUbuntu box and I'm wondering if it is at all possible to run a script when the shutdowntimer event is triggered? I.e. when my system has been idle for X minutes and therefore shuts down.

I don't want the script to run on every normal shutdown but only when the shutdowntimer is triggered.
Wrong forum? I can't imagine this to be a very tough question to answer for someone with a little insight in the xbmc shutdown procedure...?
Is there somewhere I might find some info on this? How is the shutdown timeout handled?
I did a little research on this shutdown topic. The relevant method in the source code is CApplication::CheckShutdown() in file Application.cpp, but it's not capable of calling a external script yet.

I just posted a feature request and also mentioned your thread:
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