Nightly and elipsis do not mix
OK so I am on a nightly and all that. However in elipsis the video section has gone belly up, it just jumps straight in a library mode of either films or TV, its a real struggle to find the simple list view of your shares, and resets to either tv shows or films library mode depending on where you last were.
To be fair having installed alaska the same problem is exhibited. I can with effort find my way to 'files' but I don't understand why its no longer where videos section automatically go.
Removal of Files views

Any skin on the official repo will not have these changes for obvious reasons.
How will I add sources and update my library then? (in the future when its official)

Most odd.
garyi Wrote:How will I add sources and update my library then? (in the future when its official)

Most odd.

You will see those as a "Files" section in your library. If you set content, Movies and TVShows section appear in addition.
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Gutted to hear about this, I love the videos icon in Ellipsis.
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The removal of the files bit has me really confused. Navigation without it has become very difficult. I consider myself a bit of a geek and worked it out.

I challenged my wife to find BBC iPlayer and its not at all easy. You seem to have to firstly go into say tv shows, then page back out one level at a time before the final from last level where you have to navigate to video add ons.

What a mess.

Not that it matters, iPlayer did not work either so I have come back to the stable version Smile
Why use nightly builds with skins that aren't designed for them?
No, I'm cool hitcher, its no bother. I just don't understand the reasoning behind removing files view. I guess its just something I got used to.
It's not removed it's simply merged into the Library so there's only one Video section. It can still be linked to from the Home screen -

PHP Code:

instead of -

PHP Code:

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Nightly and elipsis do not mix0
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