[WIP] Metropolis skin

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[Image: iconmetropolis.png]

A Mix of Retro and Modern.

NOTE: Due to life, I have run out of time to spend on this skin. Please see THIS POST for more info and a download of the uncompressed skin (for Dharma) as of 12-03-2011.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Stoli has taken over development of this skin and is moving it forward to Eden. Please see the latest posts in this thread for more details. And be sure to give a "Thank You" to Stoli for all his help. Here is a link to DOWNLOAD METROPOLIS FOR EDEN by stoli via github.

Metropolis for Eden can also be installed from the Passion Repository. This method may be preferred as it will then be easier to keep Metropolis updated with future revisions.


This is a skin I have been working on for myself, with the intention of sharing it with anyone who wants. It is using Alaska Revisited as a base so I want to say "Thanks & major credit to Hitcher" right up front for such a terrific skin to start with.

Basically I am trying to make something with easy to read text and that would be simple enough for my family to use. I want it to be a little stylish with some Art Deco/Retro influence. I enjoy a lot of the Retro & Minimalist posters that can be found on the internet these days & wanted to incorporate them in a skin somehow, thus the idea of this skin was born.

For now, the skin will be Dharma only with the end goal of eventually moving to Eden.

DOWNLOAD v0.90 Alpha (for XBMC 10.1 Dharma only)
This will most likely have problems with Pre-Eden Nightlies.
To install from Confluence, go to: Settings > Add-ons > then "Install From Zip"

Please keep in mind that this is the first Alpha and, as such, it will most likely have some bugs (hopefully minor ones) that I have missed. I am only human. It will also have unfinished portions of the skin such as the Music & Pictures sections. What should be finished, with the exception of bug fixes & some tweaking, is the Video section. So if your main use for XBMC, like me, is to play videos then have at it.

Be aware that like Alaska Revisited and a few other skins, Metropolis uses banner.jpg, landscape.jpg and logo.png files to better use multiple image sizes/styles in the viewtypes. When adding items to the Library, set XBMC to download Posters by default.

Please let me know any errors that you encounter, with the exception of Music & Pictures bugs since those sections have only been worked on minimally. A screenshot is ALWAYS helpful.

See POST#2 for Metropolis' Roadmap/To Do List and requests that have already been made and are being considered. Thank you.

Preview Album

Preview Videos
Updated preview showing different video viewtypes, Video OSD, new color theme, etc (posted 08/21/2011).

Alternate version of above video without audio if you are having trouble viewing it internationally.

Video overlay & early work on alternative Home Style (posted 08/29/2011).

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Note that this is old info kept here purely for reference. It may not necessarily reflect stoli's current roadmap for the Eden version of Metropolis.

v0.95 Beta Release - To Do List (Dharma)

In no particular order, Subject to change.
  • Increase default home style time per image √ Done
  • Disable pressing left on Default Home style when Recently Added is turned off √ Done
  • Attempt to Make Video Genre screens smoother when descriptions are hidden √ Done
  • Fix German translation for "Movie Set". It should be "Film-Reihe" √ Done
  • Change round button animations to something better √ Done
  • Add landscape.jpg option to Fanart view for TV Shows √ Done
  • Add missing "Movie Set" label on various viewtypes √ Done
  • Fix Fanart view movie set posters not showing √ Done
  • Fix some Linux capitalization errors √ Done
  • Tweak Leather theme background for better visibility of lower section √ Done
  • Fix TV Video Info screen for users who scrape banners & not posters
  • Clean up scroll bars & nibs
  • New Home menu items if possible: HD Movies, Music Videos (currently in submenu)
  • Fix "All seasons" poster in Low List Episodes views
  • Change OSD Status font to better display some foreign characters. Try changing to Ubuntu font first.
  • Try to work Global Time into the OSD Video Info
  • Try to tweak code for better consistency of duration text. "Min" vs "min" vs "mins". May actually be due to scraper info.
  • Fix missing toasts when toggling subtitles on/off, or switching between subtitle tracks.
  • Option to scroll gallery views Horizontally instead of default Vertical
  • Another Episode view. Something vertical, maybe similar to what was in BIG Alaska
  • More work/polish on settings screens
  • Replace RSS font. Digital font not all that viewer friendly
  • More viewtypes for Programs
  • Option to hide unwanted viewtypes
  • Option to hide plot text in viewtypes only (not Video Info screen)
  • Work optional TV logos into more views
  • Optional Video OSD ClearArt
  • Customizable Home Menu Items
  • More work on Icon home style. Optional Recenty Added/Random Items, Media Stats. May change to Fixed List.
  • Third Home Style
  • More themes/colors
  • New Skin sounds
  • Music Section including Visualizations
  • Picture Section
    • v1.00 Release - To Do List (Dharma)
      • Beta Release bug fixes
        • Future Releases
          • Update to Eden
            • Addon Requests to Check Into
              IF added, will try to work them in by v1.00
              • Support for Weather+
              • Support for TV Tunes
              • Support for Advanced Launcher
              • Integration of TV Show Next Aired script and/or TV Guide
              • Integration of PseudoTV
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Reserved for future use
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ralob Offline
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I have high hopes for this after using your amazing Big Alaska mod. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.
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Amra Offline
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ralob Wrote:I have high hopes for this after using your amazing Big Alaska mod. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.
Thanks. I've recently gotten a bigger television so the text won't be a big in this skin but I am trying to carry over some parts of BIG Alaska such as the Low List view.
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Looks very promissing

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[Image: widget]
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Love this! Keep it up!
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paul Offline
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Looks sexy i look forward to seeing more

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fonzie Offline
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I'm liking the looks of this skin. Good luck!
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cainecollin Offline
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Looking real nice, Looking forward to seeing more too.
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Broads Offline
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Wow yet another gobsmacking skin in development. I tip my hat to you sir, this looks epic.
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Looks great! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the fanart being cut into 3 pieces in one of the views though, but maybe it will grow on me.
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Amra Offline
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Thanks guys & regarding the (artsy fartsy) fanart view, I will probably have an alternate, more standard fanart view. I just haven't done it yet.
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I'm quite impressed with those screens. Great color choice.

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