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Hi there. Looked around the site and elsewhere and I've been unable to find out anything about my problem.

Basically since the TMDB scraper was updated to 1.3.0, I am unable to find a lot of movies using the scraper.

For example, "The Green Hornet" will only show the 1974 original. Putting 2011 at the end of the search does nothing at all. In fact, I am completely unable to find the 2011 version.

There are also several other films on my list that will not find the correct details on the TMDB scraper.

I've since rolled back to 1.2.5 and it's working fine.

Any one else having this issue?
Hmmm... That seems to be a tmdb issue to me.

In fact I don't understand how it is working for you with v1.2.5, since search on tmdb doesn't find the 2011 version of the movie either.
Ok, it seems that you may be right there olympia.

I managed to pull up the 2011 version yesterday after going back to 1.2.5 but now I can't find it all.

I did find 1.3.0 was a bit of a pain as it didn't seem to recognise file names correctly, for example, both "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks - the Squeakquel" automatically came back as the Squeakquel and I had to manually tell it otherwise. It did that with a lot of movies that had sequels as well.

Fantasia was another issue. It kept auto-returning with "Fantasia 2000". I had to search for "Fantasia 1940" to even come up with the original.
There were multiple issues, but all should be fixed for now Smile

In case of 'The Green Hornet' the issue was that someone saved it (or modified it) as 'adult' movie, so the API was not returning it. Travis from tmdb found the issue and fixed it.

Other movies potentially were wrong because I borked the way the scraper was searching. This has been fixed with v1.3.1 so all should be fine now (on tmdb due to the caching it may take 4-6 hours until the API will return it again).

Thanks a million! I shall get checking it out once the TV is free for me to use Smile
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