forcing player with IsPlayable/setResolvedUrl

i'm using IsPlayable/setResolvedUrl in my plugin (see code at

is it possible to force a particular player type (eg xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_DVDPLAYER)? as i am not using xbmc.Player().play() i can't see how i could do that.

any help greatly appreciated!


what's the need ?
it will automatically use the player that can read the file.
mplayer on the xbox can't play the veetle flash streams properly but it tries to so i need to force dvd player.
i have the same need for this in icefilms addon
(force DVDPLAYER on xbox)
I'd like to be able to force the player too in the grooveshark script. Currently, as far as I know, it can only be done on a per script/plugin basis using a rule in playercorefactory.xml.
Problems with the GrooveShark script? Please have a look here before posting.
so have the xbox guys add hacks for that version. we won't carry any xbox cruft.
i have actually also come across the problem on non-xbox platforms with my subsonic plugin. i guess the mime type is sent wrong by the server (application/x-download) and files don't play, but if you choose 'play using' and select dvd player then it does play
you're saying paplayer fails? give me a non-working example and i'll get the bug fixed.
thanks for taking a look spiff!

this is a nightly build from 17th (a857a0c) running on ubuntu maverick but i have also seen the same behaviour on 10.1.

at around line 495 is an attempt to play a stream just by selecting it, which fails (several times as it tries to play other files in the dir), then at around line 925 i select 'play using' and choose dvd player and it works.

you can also reproduce it using a strm file with the url
choose play using paplayer and it fails, choose dvd player and it plays.


i don't think its really an issue of adding code to support xbox (which i agree is bad)
afterall allows you to set the player type. would just be nice to round off xbmcplugin module to support the same level features as xbmc module

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forcing player with IsPlayable/setResolvedUrl0
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