Recently Added infolabels now available in xbmc

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Montellese Offline
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@thechinmaster: this has nothing to do with the topic of this thread so please create your own thread and don't just post in another thread about something totally irrelevant to it's discussion. Furthermore what you are asking for is not easily possible for a skin as it will require an extra script to get that information for you. Please see

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thank you for redirecting me to a correct thread, I had actually posted it elsewhere prior but had not got an answer I could understand. then I posted it here as i thought "<label>[COLOR white]Total Movies:[COLOR mainblue] $INFO[Window.Property(Movies.Count)][/COLOR]</label>" was an info label. this would have meant that my post was perfectly relevant.

As i am clearly not as skilled as you are when it comes to all aspects of XBMC programming, I humbly apologize for angering you.
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Amelandbor Offline
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I was looking into the code because I missed the feature were you were able to hide watched episodes. Isn't this possible by using the playcount variable? I noticed it isn't available for movies but at least it's something.

I don't have any knowledge of C++, so I could be completely wrong.
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Amra Offline
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[EDIT] nevermind, this was posted in wrong thread. Sorry
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Hitcher Offline
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Just run into a bug with LatestEpisode.[1-10].Fanart (although this might cover other/all labels) where the label isn't empty even if there's no fanart available, this in turn results in the fallback not kicking in.

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jmarshall Offline
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That has always been the case, ever since this was added. I doubt anyone will bother fixing it as the plan is to rip it all out anyway.

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