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The sratim scrapper addon is a very popular addon for the users in Israel.
The problem is, for the past 6 months or so, there wasn't anyone in-charge of applying fixes to this scrapper and most of the work fixing it was done unofficially by me and other developer and posting them in forums to replace the "sratim.xml" file.

I would like to take charge of this addon and apply the fixes so users will get the fixes automatically.

How can we do this? Where is the svn repository for addons? How can I apply fixes there?

Also, it will be great if you can help me understand how i test / debug a metadata addon to different kinds of movie names as for now i work on a trial-and-error method which isn't that comfortable Smile


Thanks for your efforts.

As a potential scraper developer, start with pronauncing scraper correctly with one "P" :p

You can read about your question here:
Hi Olympia,

Thanks for the link.
I reviewed it, installed git, and retrieved the scrapers repository.
I'm not a git user (svn is my personal favorite) so i'm not exactly sure how i should pull a patch with the fixes.
Can you please help me with it? don't want to mass up the repository with junk.

Lev. A potential scraper developer. Smile
git is distributed. that means you have your very own shiny version of the repo. you can't push so no worries about you making a mess in anything but your own clone.

commit the change, then use git format-patch to make a patch.
I've just sent a patch with the fix to the mailing list.
Please let me know if anything is missing.

Again, I would be very happy if you can point me to any test / debug tools to help me fix future issue of the scraper without actually running xbmc to test it.
looked it over, looks all good, i'm sure tons of peeps will appreciate it.

unfortunately, a test app is one of those things that have been on my list for 5 years and i still haven't gotten around to it Wink
So trial-and-error it is Smile
When do you think the fix will be submitted so users will get it as part of an add-on update via the software?
whenever olympia gets around to it. usually within a day.

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Sratim scrapper (
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