Developers / Designers, NEEDS YOU!
I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in helping out with the site, there are lots of areas that help are needed with.

1) I would like to put in place an SVN repository that has the code for the site that devs could build on, the site would then be an SVN checkout or an SVN update (not sure which yet, both have advantages / disadvantages). This would allow multiple developers to work on the site, and if there are any issues roll back the changes.
2) The site is running on a wordpress install, I created a custom theme and a plugin, however, it is my first wordpress plugin so there are probably lots of things that could have been done better.
3) New functionality - There are quite a few feature requests already, one of which is integrating CDart

1) I'm not a designer, I've done my best with the site, but we really need someone to step up and take ownership of the design, tie the elements together and make a more coherent and unified design.
2) Always looking for more people to create art, we currently have 2731 shows with ClearLOGOs, but only 907 with ClearART for example.

1) We need help documents created to help people who want to get involved. Things such as examples of borderline images, what will get them rejected, what could be done to improve them. Tutorials on creating the art using different programs.
2) Mods: we could probably do with more mods to take the stress off the current mods, however, these mods would have had to have submitted decent logos and be able to tell the difference between good images and bad images and perhaps be able to give pointers on how to improve images. Any Mods will be appointed at hikaricores discretion.

If you think you can help out in any of the areas mentioned above, or in areas that I haven't thought of yet, let me know.
If you want to help out with TV show art, then read the main thread and look at examples of denied artwork, the mods are very strict on what is accepted, we would rather have no image than a crap image, this is necessary if these are to ever be accepted in XBMC main.

I have set up a channel on Undernet to make it easier to talk to anyone interested, so if that is you, join

I will update this list as I think of other things.
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from
if you need something on python script part, i'm here for you kode Wink
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