Media Flags not displaying
if that's after renaming the guisettings, is it still an issue in Neon? If so, can you post a debug log?
That is after renaming guisettings.xml. Here is my log:
I see a lot of errors that should not be there, in particular:

14:55:56 T:2972 M:2870579200   DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogVideoInfo.xml) ------
14:55:56 T:2972 M:2870579200    INFO: Loading skin file: DialogVideoInfo.xml
14:55:56 T:2972 M:2870542336 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: VideoCodecFlaggingConditions
14:55:56 T:2972 M:2870542336 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: AudioCodecFlaggingConditions
14:55:56 T:2972 M:2870542336 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: AspectCodecFlaggingConditions

I'd suggest switching to Confluence, uninstall Neon and then re-install it.
Should I reinstall from within XBMC again, or from your SVN? My goal is to set it up 'just right' and create a backup image of the thing and lock it up.
I'd go with this one as it is always current. It has some needed additions and fixes compared to the 'official' one in the repo:

I doubt I will be making many more changes before submitting this to update the repo.

I had the same problem as mbbransc and updated the skin as you said and got the icons to appear.
I just noticed a problem. I was able to get all my icons. I just told XBMC to refresh from library for Get Low and all my icons disappeared for that movie. They still appear for other movies, but not the one I refreshed.

**EDIT: Weird. I removed it from the library and rescanned my library. Now it's back.
Edit - nevermind. You were talking about flags, not posters.
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