Anyone knows whats going on at TMDB?

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No_Jah Offline
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For the last couple of days i get "unable to connect to remote server", but I can get new fanart and thumb for already scanned movies.

In the log I get stuff like this:
"ERROR: ADDON::CScraper::Run: Unable to parse web site"
"WARNING: XFILE::CFileCurl::CReadState::FillBuffer: curl failed with code 22"

There is obviusly something wrong wit TMDB and sometimes I cant even access th website. And i've seen on their forum that people have similar problems, and the funny thing is that I can't even register new account there.

Any ideas?

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olympia Offline
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Yes, there are many ideas on the forum.

Could you please try to insert the very mysterious 'tmdb' word as a search string using the search function?
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thunderbunny Offline
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Doing a movie search on their site gives an "Internal Server Error". Could be a database problem on their end.

edit: Or Amazon AWS is down for them...

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The moviedb is hosted on amazon AWS... it looks like the site is back up but the API is struggling..

looking at the amazon status board
it shows there are issues with the relational database and EC2 stuff which could well be the issue seen with themoviedb.
Amazon have really screwed something up as its been down for well over 24 hours now, causing issues with some fairly big players in the web2.0 market such as reddit.

interestingly enough the playstation network has been down too, now not to speculate but some would (and are) saying that maybe amazon are the hosts for this too...Oo

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