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VLC SAP streaming
Recently I've managed to got SAP multicast streaming, having thus ability to watch whatever stream from local mux on DVBT channel.

I'm interested if there is any way to do it through XBMC, or...

VLC plays server role on any machine, (a small netbook that is unusable for anything else than this purpose), and that SAP streams I'd try to got played through XBMC.

What plugin should I enable, and, (if there is some idea how to configure).

Also, if someone is interested here is how to stream to VLC client :


vlc dvb-t://frequency=578000000 :adapter=0:dvb-bandwidth=8 --programs=4171,4235 --sout #duplicate{dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=,sap,name="BBC One",group="BBC"},select="program=4171",dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=,sap,name="BBC Two",group="BBC"},select="program=4235"

Le Explanation!

Run VLC, and select the DVB frequency. You need to first find the MUX your local transmitter has all the BBC channels on for example. I got it from DVBViewer Pro, but you could look it up online. You need it in Khz, so make sure there's enough zeroes. This is the BBC Mux for Oxford.

vlc dvb-t://frequency=578000000

Select the adaptor (increment the number (or go into minus until it finds it). Bandwidth is always 8Mhz - I think that's standard PAL bandwidth.

At this point, I'd recommend running part of the command. So run:

vlc dvb-t://frequency=578000000 :adapter=0:dvb-bandwidth=8

When VLC launches, go to Tools > Messages. Change the Verbosity to 2. Stop and start VLC and watch the log fill with guff. Save it. Open it in something else, and look for a section like this:


ts debug: - type=1 provider=BBC name=BBC ONE
main debug: EsOutProgramMeta: number=4171
main debug: selecting program id=4171
ts debug: * service id=4235 eit schedule=1 present=1 running=4 free_ca=0
ts debug: - type=1 provider=BBC name=BBC TWO
main debug: EsOutProgramMeta: number=4235
ts debug: * service id=4415 eit schedule=1 present=1 running=4 free_ca=0
ts debug: - type=1 provider=BBC name=BBC NEWS
main debug: EsOutProgramMeta: number=4415
ts debug: * service id=4479 eit schedule=0 present=1 running=4 free_ca=0
ts debug: - type=1 provider=BBC name=BBC Red Button
main debug: EsOutProgramMeta: number=4479
ts debug: * service id=4671 eit schedule=1 present=1 running=4 free_ca=0
ts debug: - type=1 provider=BBC name=CBBC Channel
main debug: EsOutProgramMeta: number=4671
ts debug: * service id=4351 eit schedule=1 present=1 running=4 free_ca=0
ts debug: - type=1 provider=BBC name=BBC THREE

Notice all the Service IDs. You'd match these up. So I wanted BBC One (4171) and BBC Two (4235).

So we select the programs:
--programs=4171,4235 --sout

Now we build the multicasts up:


We are going to broadcast on the following multicast address (anything in the range to Give the programme a name, ad add it to a group. Finally select the programme.
dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=,sap,name="BBC One",group="BBC"},select="program=4171",

Repeat for BBC Two. Use a different multicast address!
dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=,sap,name="BBC Two",group="BBC"},select="program=4235"

Run it, and VLC should run and sit there looking dopey. Run VLC on another PC, Go into Preferences > Playlist > Services Discovery and tick SAP. You might need to re-start VLC. Go to the playlists, and you should see a group with the name you made, and your channels. Click one, it plays!

Edit to add: It just caused an effective DoS on my Wireless. I'm guessing the multicast was too fast for the slowest wireless device associated to the AP, and just wiped the lot out or something. Wired carried on working fine though. Something to bear in mind anyway!
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That was on :

So anyone who wants to do can see how to do the stream through VLC.

Thanks in adwance, and if this subject isn't belonging here feel free to move it where it does fit.
I can't manage XBMC to receive SAP streams even tough I've managed to got the names of streams of my channels muxed.

There is one weired thing too, VLC has its own idea weather to stream some TS-es and, or, not.

When it streams it works well, (bandwith ussage per TS is 6 MBits or 6% of 100 MB/S network).


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