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[Feature Request] Integration with Last.FM-SlideShow script
Subj is a picture addon, that plays a slideshow of currently played artist from The only problem, is that it has to be lauched manually after you start to play your music. Can automated launch be somehow implemented via the skin?
Sounds cool - I'll take a look and get back to you.
Just discovered the picture slideshow and would also love to see the option to launch it automatically.

Working on this one now - it's very cool and pretty much does the job without requiring you to download a load of fanart images yourself. Really want to get this working right.
Okay I've done a bit of work on this - I've not quite made it automated (yet) but rather made the script a skin dependency and improved the music info and controls available when viewing the slideshow and also added a control to the music view menu to activate the slideshow.

I did have it automatically loading when you played some music but it was interfering with some of the other now playing stuff and would have taken a while to sort through and I just ran out of time today.

Anyway I wanted to get something out there - to see what people think. I'll hopefully get more time this week to finish off automating it.
Hi Sharpe,

Thanks so much for getting this going - it's a really exciting feature. Can't wait to test it later in the day.

I've also made a request to the addon writer to add any images from the "extrafanart" folder to the slideshow. That way all the hard work we may have done adding extrafanart images won't be wasted.

He seems willing to do it but needs an example of the code that calls images from the extrafanart folders. See here

Do you reckon you could point him to the relevant chunk of code? Thanks so much Smile
if any of you is interested in testing my severely modded version
of the Last.FM-SlideShow script, i would really appreciate it :-)
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Oh yes that sounds very good - nice one ronie. I'll try this out tonight and let you know how I get on.
Ronies developments seem awesome - looking forward to seeing them in Backrow.

I hope the eventual solution will include in the slideshow the main library fanart for that artist (via exported fanart.jpg if necessary) and any images in artist's extrafanart folder.

Do you think this will eventually become a new script that is skin independent, or will suggestions like mine have to be incorporated (if possible!) skin by skin?

Can't wait to get this all going!

Thanks so much Sharpe, and to divingmule and Ronie for this truly exciting development in the XBMC music experience Smile
I've just been doing some testing on Back Row and thanks to divingmule's excellent original script and Ronie's very clever alterations it's now just a simple multi image control and button trigger that's needed to add it to all kind of screens - eg the home screen, the now playing screen and the visualisation screen.

Once Ronie is happy with things and releases the script I'll update Back Row with the changes.
Sharpe Wrote:Once Ronie is happy with things and releases the script I'll update Back Row with the changes.

Great news, thanks Sharpe. So should I direct any feature requests (like the incorporation of existing fanart and extrafanart) to Ronie on his thread then?

Another thing I thought of that'd be sad to lose is the generic music extrafanart images that Backrow can display when an artist has no images of their own.

Can these things be incorporated into the new solution, and if so is that entirely dependent on the script itself, or on your integration of the script in BackRow?

Can't wait for this development to be finalised! Thanks as always Smile
Hi kiboy6

Yeah I see you've posted these questions to Ronie - as he's said there are number of options which are probably most likely to go like use this or use your own fanart slideshow. Ideally it would be nice for your own images to be combined with the newly downloaded images in the userdata folder.

Anyway lets see what the finished script comes out like and then we'll move on from there.
Sounds awesome Sharpe. Thanks as ever Smile

[Feature Request] Integration with Last.FM-SlideShow script00