Advanced Launcher (some console thumbnails)

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julia87 Offline
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i know the thread is really old but i cant find thumbnails like this for consoles. Have anybody the .psd-Files or site or pictures for consoles thumbnails in Rectangle Format.

Would be really awesome!

Thanks guys!
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spong_miester Offline
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Try or Google not exactly helpful but thats where most of us would start
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Digital Vortex Offline
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Look in under Game Boxes.. or search for Nintendo, Sega, Atari etc. I've put some DVD shaped console stuff there

[Image: thumb_Super_Nintendo~0.jpg]

[Image: thumb_Nintendo_Entertainment_System.jpg]
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Akwiz Offline
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Hey I know this is an old thread but had a question. I noticed that in the original pictures you have sort of shortcuts to your consoles from the applications menu without having to launch into advanced launcher. How do I set that up? If I put a link to the advanced launcher program add-on it just brings me to the screen with all my consoles.

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Bridgwater Offline
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You need to set up the emulator as a favourite and then add that favourite to the menu bar and it should work.
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arnaudcolin Offline
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I am French, logo emulator for xperience1080
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martinconroy Offline
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Anyone able to do one for NeoGeo?
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