Kodi Community Forum - Registration Agreement and Rules Overview

  1. Be polite, civil and respectful to forum staff and other board users. Abusive or discriminatory posts will be removed and further action may taken against the author.
  2. All posts should be either in English or at least include an English translation. The use of Google Translate or similar services is acceptable for the latter.
  3. Team Kodi do not condone or support piracy, nor any third party add-on, repo or build which makes use of illegally sourced materials. Any device containing such items is not eligible for support here. As a rule of thumb, if you're getting something for free that you should normally be paying for, or should otherwise not be available on Kodi (e.g. movies still playing in theatres) then do not post about it here or seek support on this board.
  4. All posts made are the views and opinions of their authors alone, and are not representative of Team Kodi. The team accepts no liability or responsibility for posts made here by individual users.
  5. The forum moderators and administrators reserve the right to edit or remove posts, threads or accounts which violate the rules here, and to warn or ban users who make such violating posts.
  6. Full details of the forum rules, the Kodi piracy policy, banned add-ons list and general FAQ information are available on the Kodi wiki site. You are urged to read and familiarise yourself with them before posting on this board.

By proceeding with the sign-up process you acknowledge the forum rules and agree to abide by them.

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