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For Windows only
  1. At the original folder location, press the SHIFT key, right-click and select “Open command window here”
  2. Type:
    mklink /J C:\Directory1\Folder1\"Another Folder"\Folder3\Thumbnails P:\Directory2\Folder2\Thumbnails
  3. Press Enter, and the Symlink will be created in Folder2
  • Where C is the original Drive Letter and P is the new Drive letter. Drives could be local or network.
  • The “/J” switch refers to a specific kind of symbolic link called directory junction
  • Folder3 is the original folder location
  • Thumbnail is the folder we need to create a Symlink for. If Thumbnail exists already, then it must be renamed before creating the Symlink, and its contents be manually moved back into the new Thumbnail Symlink just created within Folder3.
  • Another Folder is an example of any folder name consisting in more than one word that may exist, in which case the name must go between apostrophes.

Usage example: I use Symlinks inside Themes folder for TvTunes for each movie for which I have a Soundrack album in the Music library. I just place a Symlink pointing to the music album and when I browse the movies I have the full Soundtrack playing randomly all its themes. If TvTunes downloads (or I make it download) a new theme for a movie, the theme will be available in the music library as well thanks to the Symlink!

Obs. To do this in a Fire TV running Android you can ask someone who knows. I don't know, and unfortunately I don't have an Android device with me to test.



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