.wtv recored from WMC

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I was just wondering if there was any way to get metadata for shows that are recorded from WMC. I just installed 11.0 and .wtv are now supported (YAY!) but windows naming kind of sucks. It looks like the naming convention is [series]_[channel]_[year]_[month]_[day]_[hour]_[minute]_[seconds]. So, MythBusters_DSCHD_2012_04_14_07_59_00 was an episode of MythBusters recorded on Discovery channel HD on 4/14/2012 starting at 7:59. I think the metadata is stored in the file. I have several computers that all look at files off my main recorder and in WMC they do have metadata.

Any idea if it's possible to get metadata for these files?
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