Night 2 (for Eden)

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(2013-07-28 21:54)fanni Wrote:  i also would love to have the night skin for frodo since updating i'm really missing it

Think i may just go back to eden as no other skin ticks the same box's for me as this one does

Would love to know how to start converting it using the source code but haven't got a clue Sad

Look here :

Not user friendly, but you can slowly make your way with that thread and by asking relevant question here or in the skin development sub-forum.
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Hi folks,

Looking for some quick help on getting the Play Disc menu item on my home screen to display a custom background. It seems to not be an option in the Skin Settings. I'm happy to pop something into the GUI config file, but don't know the syntax for adding this background in Night.

Anyone have the code to make this happen?

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