[RELEASE] Tag Generator (IMDb + Stand-up)

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ShadowTek Offline
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Hi, is there a way to have this addon go through all the movies in our database and have it write imdb tags to all our movies (Using IMDB tags)?

EDIT: I think IMDB calles them Plot Keywords.
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xtremesnow Offline
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yes there is a way to look at all of your movies on imdb. The problem is, when you go over 100 movies on imdb watch list, it displays it on more than one page. this add-on only looks at the 1rst page only.

The way you can fix this is by going to your imdb watch list and go to the bottom of the page and click page 2. once you're on your second page, copy that URL in the add-on settings. it should add the 2nd page of 100 movies. you can do this up to 500 movies i guess.(limitations of 5 URL)

It's kind of a flaw for this add-on to look at the http://www.imdb.com. it could be unlimited if it looked at the RSS feed. Plus it would simplify it. Hopefully we will see this on future releases.

...i realize this post is really old but i just spent hours trying to figure this out. hopefully this will help someone else.
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wellspokenman Offline
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Fixed for Kodi 14 and 15, removed Trakt and Music. Use RSS instead of the normal URL - see OP. Have also submitted to the official repo now, so should be much easier to install and manage.
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