Release - tinyMediaManager - a media manager written in Java (Win/Mac/Linux)

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I Donated to this program , very nice.. thankyou
Wish it would scrap trailers too pick the 1080 if not it would go to 720
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(2015-05-15 20:05)mlaggner Wrote:  
(2015-03-15 14:14)RazorBurn Wrote:  While at it, would it be possible to add to scrape source.. MyAnimeList has much better Posters, much more reviews, and doesn't have the server query limit that has.. has been added to our todo list for new scrapers. We're almost done with the new scraper infrastructure, but migrating existing scrapers to the new structure and adding new ones may take a while Wink

Is this in place yet?

(2015-05-15 20:05)mlaggner Wrote:  
(2015-04-23 13:05)darkside40 Wrote:  A seperate section for Anime (just like for Movies, TV Series and Movie Sets) would be cool.

adding such a new "category" is a immense work - and anime perfectly fits into the TV shows section - we won't change that.

I dont get why devs always say this...This statement is only true if your anime is using Seasons but if your using Absolute numbering and no season folders ,then this statement is false. And since i saw that you allow the choice of using Anidb as scraper, then i suppose you support absolute numbering?

Anime seems to be always the black sheep when tools are developed for metadata/artwork management of movies and TV shows.Yes they are TV shows but they have more then one renaming format that doesnt match standard western tv show renaming convention.

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