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I need to get Steam into the main Home Menu and my old eyes must be missing something. I added the Steam Program Add-in to Favorites but can't remember (or figure out how to) get it to on the home screen with a custom steam wallpaper as a background. I'm loving the Hybrid skin though...

I set steam as a Favorite and got it on the Home screen, now just trying to figure out how I change the image that appears on the home Screen when you navigate to the Favorites home menu.
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Any idea as to if/when you'll be bringing back the half wall with media info view? i just upgraded and it was my favortie
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I'm running Kodi Beta Nightlies on a quad android box, with 2 remotes (complicated w/ keyboard & minimal) plus a few trackpads & remote keyboards & wireless mouse when needed. However I usually like to use the minimal remote.

I just force installed this skin on Kodi Beta nightly as it is officially incompatible.

The keyboard did not show but I got it working with the Angelinas fix (see page 2 of bottom link).

I found the following problems:

* The Video submenu panel which expands out does not let me add more than 1 addon, even then it is not working

* It only allows 5 to be added whereas the skin I use this was based on, lets me have 10

* Can't disable the water-drop animation

* When I leave a section back to main menu, it jumps to another option, not the one I was just in

Maybe some can be done that I missed. If these can be fixed and more than 10 widgets can be added, in other main menu items, then it would begin to take shape.

Here is a grab of this skin, I replaced TransGrey with my own global background jpg:

[Image: Xb5YWVq.jpg]

I wish it had the 2 bottom left icons for shutdown & Favorites like his old Convergence does.

I just saw Mudislander is away for a few months due to real life work. I hope when he gets back he picks up the older Convergence skin I link below too.

It is faster & nippy & zips about great with minimal remotes with only Arrow keys & OK & Back. It is the best I've tried of tens of skins.

So this is what I am still using:
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P.S. the vertical Convergence Works great with latest Kodi, once you fix the keyboard.
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I just compiled a new build of the now stable Kodi (Helix) v14, with the latest Hybrid Skin (2.3.7).

There are few bugs which need to be addressed before its really usable;
1) Audio Settings (when playing a movie) is missing Volume Control & Volume Amplification.
2) Scraper's not working - I'm unable to scrape any movie info from any source (like iMDB) for the library.
3) Some graphical 'glitches' (needs to be seen to be understood).
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