Hybrid Development Versions

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nims Offline
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Just updated to this version of hybrid and I noticed that a lot of issues are still in the regular hybrid version, which are fixed in development version. So my big request is, can you please push the development version to release version? It seems that development is working without issues, but the current helix version is buggy in some areas:
-No info is shown about how many episodes there are present in the TV Show list (and other lists)
-Adding source, does not allow entering a name in the editbox below. Keyboard and cursor are not shown.
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bconner Offline
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Will hybrid use the extrafanart images for the artist slideshow for fullscreen? I just get the standard fanart single image.
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thewindowguy Offline
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Hey man whats up!! Love your work
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hindibuff Offline
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Is this skin development dead? Just asking as I love this skin but don't see any support for it.
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slymobi Offline
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Hi, can't see any recent post's from mudislander so not sure how to ask about this but here goes.

1st off great skin,loving it. I only want to change 1 thing as a personal preference. The movie and TV widget uses nearly the whole length of the screen and is placed at the uppermost position. What .xml files or other settings can I change to bring the widget down and compact into a more central position.

Or can it be programed to maybe auto expand/shrink dependant on number of items added ?

Thanks Mudislander and I hope all is well ?

Thanks in advance.

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