Setting Background Artwork

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Artwork Organizer Script by ronie is very useful in setting up the paths for artwork. After installing and setting up the script, you can then point any "Multi Image" paths to the correct directory.

eg 1: The CD Wall in Music Visualization goto Skin Settings --> General --> Music Visualization --> Enable Album Art Backwall --> path, and point to the "AlbumThumbs" directory that the script created.

eg 2: Random Movie Fanart on the home Screen goto Skin Settings --> Background "Enable Global Backgrounds" Select "Global Background" in the spinner and set the "Multi Image" to the directory "MovieFanart" created by the script.

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Know this is a little old, but its a great way to keep your favorite skin artwork in one on multi setups they all point to the one place on your NAS..
Thus on a auto update you don't have to back looking for those fav thumbs you had setup.
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