Frodo - Shared Library Thumbnail Updates & Mulitple PCs

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GregiBoy Offline
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Have you tried this in your advancedsettings.xml? Works for me.

<to>smb://MAINWORKSTATION/Master Library/XBMC/userdata/Thumbnails/</to>
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spchtr Offline
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That did not work for me. the file in /portable_data/user_data/Databases/Thumbnail.db needed to be the same on each machine and appears to only be modified when scanning the library.

Since I did not want to rescan the library from each machine, I simply copy that file to each machine.

The thumbnails folder however is already substituted to an smb share.

I believe what was happening is the #.jpg that was in Thumbnails/1,2,3,4, etc... was being listed in the Thumbnails.db in the Databases folder.

It might have something to do with the hashes of the url's being unique to each machine. Or the hashes are only being generated when the library is scanned.

It appears to be storing these hashes in the Databases/Thumbnails.db and not in the Thumbnails folder itself. That (Thumbnails folder) is just where the hash named picture files are stored.
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icesurf3r Offline
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Apologies for resurrecting a fairly old thread, but I am new to XBMC (having jumped ship from a wd tvlive smp) and am after a little clarity regarding the sharing of artwork.

I have xmbc installed on my desktop, with everything else stored on my NAS, including artwork for xmbc that I have downloaded manually e.g posters and logos for movie sets.

I have bought 3 NUCs as christmas presents for the kids which they will have in their bedrooms, with a wired internet connection. Is there a way that will update the artwork on the 3 NUCs, if I add a new artwork via XBMC on my desktop?

I.E. if I added 3 new movies to a movie set, and I then manually download a poster, logo and background etc. for the movie set from and saved the artwork to the NAS under: NAS> XBMC custom art> logos (>poster >background etc). On my desktop I then use xbmc to browse to the location of the artwork and add it on the desktop, will the 3 NUCs pick up this newly added manual art? If not is there a way to make them?

(I'm guessing the auto update library setting will help? though as said I'm a complete noob, so could be wrong)

Any help would be appreciated as would like to get everything sorted for Christmas, so I know exactly what I'm doing.

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Ned Scott Offline
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I think it will work. If you change artwork after the individual NUCs have cached the artwork then I think they will check once every 24 hours for artwork changes, and chances made before caching should work right away, as the custom art path will be stored in the database.

It's also probably possible to use Milhouse's cache tool to trigger artwork updates from a remote machine: . I don't know much about python, but it can probably be set up somehow to update all three at once by just running a simple command or launching a script from the desktop GUI.
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