CCM - Confluence Customizable Mod

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What version of kodi are you using? CCM is fairly out of date now - it was superceded by CCM for Helix, and that (at least unless Mudislander returns) by Xonfluence. Neither version of CCM is being updated.
Recorded TV folder is nothing to do with the skin. It'll be set either whichever pvr add-on you're using.
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I am using Kodi 15.2, newest version that is not in beta. I am also using the skin CCM Helix. Thank you for letting me know it isn't being updated. CCM Helix has so many customization options that I thought setting a destination folder might have been one of them and I couldn't find the proper menu. I have the destination folder set on WIN TV8, I could not find any settings within NextPVR to change the folder, however, if I record straight from WIN TV8, it places the recording in the set folder. If I use Kodi it places it into another folder that I cannot seem to change.

Thank you

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Hi Guy's I appreciate the effort that has gone into KODI, big thanks to all involved. I have a question regarding MUSIC, Is it possible to change the number of "recently added albums" from displaying 10 to a larger number? I have looked all over for the info without finding. Thanks in advance.
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