[Release] Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)

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riji Offline
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It will not succeed.
I use kodi on a mac mini (OS X Yosemite) with a Logitech Harmony Ultimate.
I launch the Keymap Editor, choose the desired action and press the desired button on the Ultimate. Finally, I choose "save".
A gen.xml file is created, but always only with:
<keymap />

What I really want is to define the DVR button on the Harmony for fullscreen / windowed switching (ToggleFullScreen), but I don't know how (and directly with the MyHarmony app I can't do this).
Actually, I just need to know the button-id required, then I can go on by myself.

Additionally, I wonder if exists a different button-id for a short/long press on the Harmony?The remote itself can distinguish (play button: short press = play, longpress = aspect).

I'm already working weeks on this problem and now it hope someone can help me anyway. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I just found a way around: in Harmony I define DVR button als e.g. F10 (short) and F11 (long press). Then in a user joystick.Harmony.XML file I can reassign what I want to F10 and F11.
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Hustler1337 Offline
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Can anyone tell me where the keymap file is saved? I've looked in userdata/keymaps and it doesn't seem to be there. :/

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DarrenHill Offline
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It should be there, as gen.xml.
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aln1 Offline
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I hope that this is the right place for my question.

I am running Kodi for android on a "cood-e" box. Currently running 16 RC3.
On the box remote control I have a "home" button which doesn't work as it should, currently it brings me to the first item on a list but I want it to bring me back to the home page.
I used the addon and set the global/navigation/first-page to use this key, I get key code 61576 but the behaviour of the key doesn't change.
Is there any other key I need to set?

Thank you
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