Release - LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator

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(2015-04-25 02:50)Karnagious Wrote:  
(2015-04-24 16:13)Scotster Wrote:  I too have just started using this addon, the idea is absolutely fantastic but I'm having the same issues as the above user. I wasn't sure if I am doing something wrong. In the setup I have chosen the shows I wish LazyTV to use, yet it insists on using every TV show I have available. The only shows I want in the playlist are the ones that we watch as a family, the other TV shows are specifically for individual use. To that end I was wondering how to make the library playlist random, but only using the selected TV shows rather than everything I have available.

I've tried accessing the shows through "LazyTV" but it only plays one show continuously rather than switching between the shows in the list randomly.

Additionally, are there ways of creating multiple playlists? I don't have multiple accounts at the moment, and would rather not have them to be honest. It would be great to have a "Family" playlist, a "Kids" playlist along with any additional individual playlists.

Just finding my feet with it but I can really see huge potential in this addon so thank you very much for the hard work Smile

I cannot replicate the problem with selecting specific tv shows manually, can you provide screenshots of what you are doing?

In the meantime, I would suggest creating a smart playlist of the specific tv shows you want, and setting LazyTV to filter by that rather than the manual selection.

I've taken loads of screenshots showing everything I have done. It should also be noted that I've selected for "movies" to be included in the playlists yet they never are.

Here are all my settings before singling out any shows:

[Image: Settings%201.jpg]
[Image: Settings%202.jpg]
[Image: Settings%203.jpg]
[Image: Settings%204.jpg]
[Image: Settings%205.jpg]
[Image: Settings%206.jpg]

I then changes the settings to only show 1 TV series as shown below.
[Image: Settings 8 (Showing selection).jpg]

If I go into the "Playlist" this is what I am given. It still shows every TV show in the playlist. I cannot get it to filter out individual shows.
[Image: Result (Still shows everything).jpg]

If you notice, neither of the above show any "movies" from my collection. I have lots of movies in the library too as can be seen here....

[Image: No movies.jpg]

I've not been able to do the following:

Limit the playlist to only selected TV shows, so that all users can have the same library and filter the results using profiles. Everyone gets the same playlist selection regardless of what I manually select in the settings.
Add watched or unwatched movies into the playlist.
Increase the amount of choices in the playlist. I've selected to allow multiple episodes but it still doesn't add any more.
Skip to the next item in the playlist. I bring up the on screen controls, hit the "Next" button but it does nothing. Only the FFWD button works. I made sure I have play next switched on in the settings.

I've managed to get around it all now by using individual databases for each user, it was a bit painstaking but I think it'll be worth it in the long run. Unfortunately that pretty much makes LazyTV redundant for me now. I'll keep an eye on any updates though as having 1 database would be my ideal solution.

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