xbmc lag and crash

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jjd-uk Online
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The problem is to do with the reported audio devices, something is screwed up at the OS level as 2 HDMI devices are being reported and I suspect 1 of them is invalid. Within Windows what is shown in Sounds -> Playback? there should only be two entries, one for the HDMI and one for the SPDIF.

Make a backup of your original guisettings.xml then you could try replacing the lines starting




with the ones from your new file.
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dougiejynx Offline
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I had a very similar issue. I found that I had changed my audio device from Analog to HDMI. I am assuming that since I was streaming my file across my (WiFi) network the HD audio was too much to handle in addition to the HD video. But what do I know. Changed the device back to Analog, and all was well.
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