XBMCbuntu installation help please

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i'm a total noob so thanks for reading, i want to make a basic XBMCbuntu for running on my media of the netowrk.

i have build a small pc with Nvidia graphics, downlaoded and burned the iso image for nvidia XBMCbuntu the install goes ok untill the device neeeds what im guessing is a driver for the OCZ HD, it runs a check and see it has 4gb of free space it goes to the next page and does not see anything, im guess it needs a third party driver for the ssd ??

should i need to format the ssd in fat32 or something ?
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Do you get an error message or something?
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Sounds like you are up to the harddrive partition detection stage. There can sometimes be a considerable delay there. How long have you waited?

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Look at bios settings for HDD/SSD no drivers ever needed + never ever heard of anything of the sort being required, formatting also irrelevant as installer should offer options.

All fail try a creating a xbmcbuntu bootable usbdrive and installing it from there. Pictures would be helpful to describe problem.
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