Alaska skin. Which one?

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I like the Alska theme because it is (afaik) the only skin that is light where most others are dark. But I find there are several version. I found 'HD', 'Revisited', 'Big', 'Metro'.

Which one is the best to use. Not in view of the functions (I use only basic things) but the one that is best developed out. If I read different threads I cannot get a clear picture on the status of each subversion.

Help on this point is appreciated.

PS: if there are other skins that can be set to a 'light' feeling then I am also interested.
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I don't think that any of the Alaska skins are fully Frodo (latest version of XBMC) or Gotham (next version) compatible. I use both HD and Revisited on Frodo though, and both seem to work OK so you may wish to try them.

Also check out this thread where HD is in the process of being updated.
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