How to categorize Blu-Ray Pure Audio disc in the Library

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Hi guys. Hope this hasnt been asked before, I tried searching but came up empty.

How should one name/classify the new blu-ray pure audio format for XBMC? Something like this:

Is it Music? Video? I have tried different settings but cannot get the scrapper (xbmc default) to pick it up.

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I'm wondering about this too. Anyone have any thoughts?
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Thsi is not a gurantee of anything but this is how I would approach this.

1) Media_flags (wiki) You can put Bluray in the name of file to trigger the BD graphic if you done 5)
2) The actual name should be the actual name, in case of audio or music video the only difference is the source and content which is you set (though technically in audio only music the content isnt set the same as for videos)
3) Tagging you can have music tags if the audio is in HDD then you need id3 tags or flac tags or whatever tags, idk for tags the format your audio is in supports, in disc format see 4), but usually its automatic if supported by xbmc or ffmpeg.

Is it audio only (then its music) is it video+audio (music video), yes that matters, so what is it? idk you tell me.

See Category:Music (wiki) to see what diffrent scrapers tehre is and naming

4) Whether the disc plays in xbmc or not unencrypted is a different matter or even if the format is supported by ffmpeg in XBMC, so in the end you go back to 1,2,3 and if 4) is not an option then you need 5.

5) Ripping and 1,2,3
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