Mac OS X - Stable 12.x version available?

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Dalej Offline
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The Wife Acceptance Factor is dropping _very_ rapidly.
Each time we flip over to use XBMC to play movies, we have a roughly 50/50 chance that it has crashed to the Mac desktop with a prompt to report the crash because of the

Assertion failed: (x < static_cast<double>(INT_MAX / 2) + 1.0), function round_int, file xbmc/utils/MathUtils.h, line 75

bug, issue, whatever it is.

Is there a version available that Just Works?

Would a downgrade to 11.x resolve this and work with the OS and hardware I have?
running 32 bit MacOS 10.8.0
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Ned Scott Offline
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Can you get us a debug log (wiki) of when this happens? A crash log would help as well (see Mac_FAQ#logs (wiki)).
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Dalej Offline
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I posted one recently - - someone responded that this was a known issue and there was fix in a nightly build.

If that bug doesn't exist in 11.x and the scrapers still work, I'd much rather go back than got forward to a much-less-tested version.
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Memphiz Offline
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I thought jm has fixed this issue in mainline.

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