Changing stars to numbers

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truthlesshero Offline
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I searched for "how to" do this..and although i saw a screenshot of a user that modded it ("kaysersoze" i think is the user)...but i wanted to know how i can change the stars to numbers for movie ratings (imdb or RT..just want the number instead of stars...)
I do like the stars, but like kaysersoze, i like the numbers a lot more...I don't necessarily want to request a feature since i know the dev worked his ass off for this skin..but i'd just prefer seeing the actual number since tons of movies have similar ratings and i would like to see the difference..

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Sharpe Offline
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It would take a lot of work - you would need to go through all the separate skin views where stars rating images are present (there's a lot)

which can be identified by <info>ListItem.StarRating</info>

then change every one of those images to text labels

using the <info>ListItem.rating</info> value.
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truthlesshero Offline
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That's exactly what I thought from doing research. And whenever there would be updates, i would have to re-mod the xml files which seems excessive. Too bad..that's the only thing i don't like from this skin..everything else is great.
Thanks for the help!
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I just updated from xbmc 11 to 12.3, and thought i would try this new skin with it.So far i love it, the only thing i dislike about it is the exact same thing as the above poster & i just google searched for a way to change stars to numbers for movies & found this thread.

Shame it cant be changed, but i hope its an option in the setting in a future update perhaps. For now i will go back to Transperancy, or try a few others.
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