Mac OS X - Audio sync off with refresh rate switching (nightly builds)

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wrxtasy Online
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If it helps as a fallback solution....

I'm also on Yosemite 10.10.1 with Kodi b5 and I am having no problems at all, but I'm not using HDMI nor S/PDIF for Audio output.

My config is Audio Output device - Default, Built-in Output....with 2.0 speakers connecter to the headphone socket on my 2011 iMac.
Adjust display refresh rate to match video - OFF
Sync Playback to display - Enabled....
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juramusger Offline
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Preliminary testing suggests that the issue is gone in 15 beta1. I guess it's because of the (default) switch to ffmpeg-vda or the version bump thereof. I have to admit that I never tried activating ffmpeg-vda in Helix. (I think it was possible with advancedsettings.xml ?)

So, (cautious) yeah for less fan noise/electricity use!

I will test more thoroughly next week and encourage others to test as well.
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FlangeMonkey Offline
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Thanks for the update... I might have to come off openelec and back onto Mac OS if this is successful.
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